Is it really me… or nah? 

So I'm back fam! I call y'all my fam because you all are the few, besides my friends, who get an opportunity to hear allllll the random thoughts I have going through my mind. Today's topic: Is it really me or nah? Btw: Naught by Nature's "Hip Hop Hooray" and Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz "De … Continue reading Is it really me… or nah? 


Southern gentleman

This post is very personal and definitely one of the main reasons I am the way I am today. I used to be married. To my very first love. I had been with guys before but this man was like no other and as I get older, I get more and more comfortable to give … Continue reading Southern gentleman

It only takes one time!

Quote of the day: "I shine bright like a star but then... I fall down the stairs. Difference is is that I get right back up and shine even brighter. 'Cause just like you, I'm only human too!" -ThatGirlConfused So as many of you are now aware, I literally write about the random things that … Continue reading It only takes one time!

I only write when I’m… NOT sober!!!

So to no surprise to myself, many of my deepest thoughts come from having a glass of wine... or two. Lol. Hey, it stops my writers block. The latest topic of discussion was purpose. As of late, many of my long distant friends and I, have been wondering where our lives are going and what is … Continue reading I only write when I’m… NOT sober!!!

Just get it out

Ugh... Although I sometimes hate writing about this subject I equally love it. I'm happy to be writing it and sharing it because it releases any negative feelings I have and hopefully helps someone else release them as well. Sometimes you just have to let people go. Not go like die but go as in … Continue reading Just get it out